Books by Steve Allen

Listed in reverse chronological order by publishing date:

Title Publishing
Vulgarians At The Gate   Prometheus Books 2001
Steve Allen's Private Joke File Three Rivers Press 2000
Steve Allen's Songs:
100 Song Lyrics
McFarland & Co. 1999
Murder in Hawaii Kensington Publishing 1999
Dumbth (Revised) Prometheus Books 1998
How to Be Funny (re-release)
Foreword by Bill Maher
Prometheus Books 1998
Die Laughing Kensington Publishing 1998
Wake Up To Murder Kensington Publishing 1996
But Seriously...Steve Allen Speaks His Mind Prometheus Books 1996
The Bug and the Slug in the Rug Greene Bark Press 1995
The Man Who Turned Back
The Clock
Prometheus Books 1995
Murder On the Atlantic Zebra Books 1995
Reflections Prometheus Books 1994
Make 'em Laugh Prometheus Books 1993
More Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion & Morality:  Book Two Prometheus Books 1993
The Murder Game Zebra Books 1993
How To Be Funny (re-release) Prometheus Books 1992
Hi-Ho, Steverino:  The Story of My Adventures in the Wonderful Wacky World of Television Barricade Books 1992
Murder in Vegas Zebra Books 1991
Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion & Morality Prometheus Books 1990
Murder in Manhattan Zebra Books 1990
The Public Hating:  A Collection of Short Stories Dembner Books 1990
Meeting of Minds, Vol. IV Prometheus Books 1989
Meeting of Minds, Vol. III Prometheus Books 1989
Dumbth:  And 81 Ways to Make Americans Smarter Prometheus Books 1989
Passionate Nonsmokers' Bill of Rights William Morrow Company
(co-author, Bill Adler, Jr.
Murder on the Glitter Box McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1989
How To Make A Speech McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1986
More Funny People Stein & Day 1982
Beloved Son:  A Story of the Jesus Cults Bobbs-Merrill 1982
The Talk Show Murders Delacorte Press 1982
Funny People Stein & Day 1981
Explaining China Crown Publishers, Inc. 1980
Meeting of Minds, Vol. II Crown Publishers, Inc. 1979
Ripoff:  The Corruption That Plagues America

Lyle Stuart, Inc.

Chopped-Up Chinese Price, Stern & Sloan 1978
Meeting of Minds, Vol. I Crown Publishers, Inc. 1978
Schmock!-Schmock! Doubleday & Company 1975
What To Say When It Rains Price, Stern & Sloan 1974
Curses! J. P. Tarcher 1973
Princess Snip-Snip and the Puppykittens Platt & Monk 1973
The Wake Doubleday & Company 1972
The Flash of Swallows Droke House 1969
Bigger Than A Breadbox Paperback Library 1967
The Ground is our Table Doubleday & Company 1966
Letter to a Conservative Doubleday & Company 1965
Dialogues in Americanism
(with L. Brent Bozell, William F. Buckley, Jr., Robert M. Hutchins, James MacGregor Burns, and Willmoore Kendall)
Henry Regnery Co. 1964
Not All Of Your Laughter, Not All Of Your Tears Bernard Geis & Associates 1962
Mark It and Strike It Holt, Reinhart & Winston 1960
The Question Man Bellmeadow Press, with
Bernard Geis Associates
The Girls on the Tenth Floor Henry Holt & Company 1958
Wry on the Rocks Henry Holt & Company 1956
The Funny Men Simon & Schuster 1956
Fourteen For Tonight Henry Holt & Company 1955
Bop Fables Simon & Schuster 1955