To Steve Allen, collecting curses has been a hobby and a continual source of delight for many years. In this wonderfully funny (and shockingly useful) book, he shares his hilarious, sinister findings with millions of his friends. Here are assembled over 100 of his favorite curses gathered from a wide variety of sources: anthropologists, writers, archeologists, senior citizens of many cultures, and an occasional passing taxi driver.
     They fulfill almost every cursing need that man has had since the beginning of time and range from the Polynesian, “May fire blast the eyes of the thief who stole my bananas” (immensely practical for someone who just had his bananas stolen), to the somewhat more damning biblical quote, “May the day you were born be erased from the calendar” to the distinctly contemporary, “May your sex life be as bad as your credit.”
     Artist Marvin Rubin has blessed these curses with his wild and witty illustrations.
     So whether you wish to smite your enemy or amuse your friends, this volume of vintage verbal vengeance will prove a source of inspiration and amusement.