How To Make A Speech

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How To Make A Speech

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    If you have ever tried to make a speech without adequate preparation, you are painfully aware that it is not as easy as falling off the proverbial log.  In this book, Steve Allen shares with you all the rules and tricks of the lecturer's trade acquired during his forty years at the podium.
     Many of us know Steve Allen as the man on TV who always makes us laugh--but he is also much in demand as a public speaker.  He is active on the lecture circuit, speaking sometimes on humorous subjects but often with a seriousness of purpose on a wide range of social issues.
     In this engaging how-to book, he sums up his years of experience and outlines a clear, simple course of speechmaking.  The neophyte as well as the experienced speaker can put many of Steve's suggestions and observations to work.

Some of the topics are:
- Overcoming stage fright
- Writing the speech
- The importance of rehearsing
- How and when to employ humor
- What to do if your audience knows more than you
- Serving as toastmaster

Studded with examples of Steve's unique humor, this is truly a book that will entertain while teaching you How to Make a Speech.