But Seriously....
Steve Allen Speaks His Mind

(Edited from the book jacket cover)

    Norman Cousins once wrote that "In any inventory of the natural resources on this planet," Steve Allen's conscience is "high on the list."  It is this wonderfully prolific, highly educated conscience which prompted each of the articles included in But Seriously...Steve Allen Speaks His Mind.
     Such a dynamic, energetic conscience has encouraged Allen throughout his career as a author and entertainer to examine the innumerable facets of modern American society, identifying the many problems which desperately need to be corrected and developing provocative new solutions to do so.
     Allen's razor-sharp insights always cut to the core of the issue, whether the topic involves labor relations, the atomic bomb, gifted education, or the lessons to be learned from the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

     This collection of speeches, articles, personal correspondence, and other writings constitutes a well-reasoned anthology filled with good humor, irony, and a deep concern for the human condition.  Allen's devotion to common sense and serious social involvement carves a path for others to follow.