Guests on Meeting of Minds

Season Three:

Shows 301 and 302:
St. Augustine of Hippo Ivor Francis
Empress Theodora of the Byzantine Empire Salome Jens
Thomas Jefferson Shepperd Strudwick
Lord Bertrand Russell John Hoyt
Shows 303 and 304
Aristotle Bernard Behrens
Niccolo Machiavelli Alfred Ryder
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Jayne Meadows
Sun Yat-sen Keye Luke
Shows 305 and 306
William Shakespeare Harris Yulin
Prince Hamlet of Denmark Anthony Costello
Romeo Montague of Verona Charles Lanyer
Othello, Moor of Venice William Marshall
Dark Lady of the Sonnets Jayne Meadows
Ghost of Hamlet's Father Fred Sadoff

Season Four
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