Alice in Wonderland

In 1985, Steve Allen wrote the words and music for Irwin Allen's CBS-TV all-star production of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.  Here's the songs and performers:

Steve Allen


"I Hate dogs and Cats"
"Father William"
"There's Something to Say for Hatred"
"There's No Way Home"
"We Are Dancing"
"Off With Their Heads"
"I Didn't, You Did"
"Why do People--?"
"How Do You Do, Shake Hands"
"The Walrus and the Carpenter"

"Jam Tomorrow"
"The Lion and the Unicorn"
"Can You Do Addition?"
"To the Looking Glass World"
"Hush-a-Bye Lady"


Sherman Hemsley
Lana Beeson/Sammy Davis Jr.
Martha Raye/Imogene Coca
Telly Savalas
Lloyd Bridges/Lana Beeson
Anthony Newley
Jayne Meadows
Ringo Starr
Roddy McDowall/Anthony Newley
Lana Beeson
Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme
Karl Malden/Louis Nye/Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme
Carol Channing
Harvey Korman/John Stamos
Ann Jillian/Carol Channing
Ann Jillian
Red Buttons/Lana Beeson
Anthony Newley
Ann Jillian