The 1980's and 1990's

Steve continued nearly non-stop on television over the last two decades including:

The Steve Allen Comedy Hour (1980-81).   Critically-acclaimed series of six specials which gave Steve the opportunity to feature one of his strongest contributions to TV -- comedy sketches.

Steve Allen's Comedy Room (1984):  Series of six specials for the Disney Channel. The mood was fun and informal when famous and up-and-coming comics joined Steve for an hour of laughs.

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments (1984-85):   Steve hosted this ABC series of laugh-filled specials. 

Inside Your Schools (1984-85):  Twelve monthly specials hosted by Steve and sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers.  Show aired on TLC (The Learning Channel).  It provided instructional and educational fare for adults, including special in-service offerings for teachers.

Steve Allen's Music Room (1984-86):  Series of six specials for the Disney Channel. In the informal atmosphere of the Allen household, Steve set the mood for fun around the piano.  Musical guests performed some of Steve's many compositions.

The Start of Something Big (1985-86):  Steve hosted this weekly syndicated series about the fascination of the American public to learn how things began -- from some of our hottest celebrities to more ordinary things we take for granted.

Television Academy Hall of Fame (1986):  Steve was inducted for his lifetime contribution to television (aired April 21, 1986)

Riptide (1986):  Steve made a guest dramatic appearance (aired March 14, 1986)

St. Elsewhere (1987):  Steve and Jayne made guest appearance.  (aired January 14 and 21, 1987)

Love Boat (1987)  Steve and Jayne made guest appearance (aired Spring, 1987)

Nightline (1987): Guest appearance with Ted Koppel -- discussion of humor (aired April1, 1987)

This Is Your Life (1987):  Special guest appearance on show honoring Tim Conway (aired November 26, 1987)

The Oprah Winfrey Show (1988):  Steve and Jayne made a guest appearance (aired May 3, 1988)

Host-to-Host (1989-91): Thirteen one-half hour episodes in which Steve served as Host/Interviewer.  Featured such guests as:   Phil Donahue, Ted Koppel, Hugh Downs, Joan Rivers, Dick Cavett, Charles Kuralt, Geraldo Rivera, Larry King, Morley Safer, David Frost and Merv Griffin (aired 1989-90-91).

Charles Grodin Show (1996):  Steve made a guest appearance with Louis Nye on this CNBC show (aired September 11, 1996).

Pat Bullard Show (1996):  Steve made a guest appearance (aired December 12, 1996)

Entertainment Tonight (1997):  Steve made a guest appearance (aired January 30 and March 28, 1997).

Steve Allen's 75th Birthday Celebration (1997): Aired throughout December 1997)

Homicide:  Life On The Street (1998):   Steve and Jayne appeared as guests (January 16, 1998).