Steve Allen books published during the '80s and '90s

Funny People
The Talk Show Murders
Beloved Son:  A Story of the Jesus Cults
More Funny People
How To Make a speech
How to be funny
Murder on the Glitter Box
The Passionate Nonsmoker's Bill of Rights (co-authored with Bill Adler Jr.)
Meeting of Minds (a four-volume set of scripts from the TV series)
Dumbth:  And 81 Ways to Make Americans Smarter
The Public Hating (a collection of short stories)
Murder in Manhattan
Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion & Morality: Book Two
Make 'em Laugh
Murder On the Atlantic
The Man Who Turned Back the Clock (a collection of short stores)
The Bug and the  Slug In the Rug (a children's' book)
Wake Up to Murder, But Seriously
Die Laughing