Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for visiting the official site of Steve Allen. Many of our visitors have asked questions over the last year and below we have repeated several frequently-asked questions and provided answers:

1.  I understand Mr. Allen passed away on October 30, 2000.  How can I send a message of condolence or remembrance to Mrs. Allen or members of the Allen family?

2.  Where can I buy authentic products or memorabilia featuring Steve Allen?
Answer:  Visit the Steve Allen Store by clicking here.

3.  If I can't find a particular record, CD, book or video of Steve's for sale at The Steve Allen Store, is there any other way to track it down?
Answer:  Yes.  Email us at and we'll do our best to find the item for you.  We have been able to locate some rare items from Mr. Allen's early career for sale to our site visitors who have requested them and we'd be happy to do the same for you

4.  My friends and I have a question about a guest, event, or trivia from one of the old Steve Allen shows going back as far as the original Tonight Show.  Where can we write to get such information?
Answer:  Email Steve's staff at:

5.  I'd like to see a topic covered on this Website that I currently don't see.  Where can I send my suggestion?  
Answer:  Email the Webmaster at:

6.  I've heard about Steve Allen's involvement in the movement to improve the quality and decency of popular entertainment.   How can I get involved?
Answer:  First you should read Steve’s latest book Vulgarians At The Gate: Raising The Standards Of Popular Culture.  He completed this provocative treatise on popular culture only days before his untimely passing in October, 2000.  It was published posthumously in the Spring of 2001, received terrific reviews, and rose to #7 on the Los Angeles Times non-fiction Bestseller list by August , 2001!  The book is now available here at The Steve Allen Store

"This book is the last of many gifts that Steve Allen has given to the American people.  Just as he so brilliantly made a generation laugh, Steve compellingly shows us why we should all cry for the degradation of our culture and our common values.  But true to Steve’s thoughtful way, he does more than just complain about the problem.  Through this book he challenges his fellow citizens to assert their First Amendment rights to demand a safer, saner culture for their children and generations to come."
...The Honorable Senator Joe Lieberman

  "A good teacher in life, Steve Allen has bequeathed us the ultimate homework assignment.  In VULGARIANS AT THE GATE, he has eloquently framed a real problem that increasingly degrades our society.  His voice must not be a tree falling in the forest."     
Grant Tinker
Former Chairman, NBC

"In VULGARIANS AT THE GATE , entertainment king Steve Allen, takes on the mantle of the cultural advocate, leading the battle required to cleanse our society of this pervasive cultural scourge.  His warnings are timely, his appeals passionate and the record of his accomplishments impeccable – a must read for all those who resent the victories of the vulgarians. "
...Dr. C. Delores Tucker
National Chair, National Political Congress of Black Women

Another good move would be to write the Parents Television Council at 707 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 2075, Los Angeles, CA 90017 or visit their Website at  The PTC has already attracted over 750,000 members.  They fall on both the political right and left and include people of various religions and races.  But they share one perception -- that American popular culture (films, television and recordings) has gone far beyond traditional boundaries of taste and decency.

If there is a question you think should be included on the site's "Frequently Asked Questions," please email the webmaster at:


7.  I know Steve Allen wrote a great many popular songs which have been featured in major motion pictures.  Any new ones I can rent on video?

Answer:  Yes!  This year alone Steve's music is featured in new movies like, Serendipity, Blow and Small Time Crooks.  In fact, Steve's Jazz Christmas classic Cool Yule, recorded by Louis Armstrong is featured over the main and end titles of Serendipity  a great romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.  Cool Yule will also be featured on 3 new Christmas CD packages sold exclusively at stores like Kohl's department stores and the Bombay Stores in malls throughout the country.  You can also order it here ON SALE at the Steve Allen Store as part of the Songs of Steve Allen CD for immediate shipment anywhere in the US.