Steve Allen 1921-2000 

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...about Steve Allen

On March 1, 1970, in a dusty former film studio that housed LA TV
station KCOP-TV, I produced and directed eight TV spots with Steve Allen that
I'd written especially for him, based on famous bits from his shows.

The commercials were just for a Washington, DC-area car dealer represented by the small ad agency I managed, but he approached them as if they were VERY important.

He was an exceptional man - not just for all he did in a long and rich entertainment career, but for the special care he took, working for a green 23 year-old writer-director with limited time to get the spots done.

We had the usual problems, but EVERY take he did was both perfect, and yet different - each time a slightly better piece of business or phrasing. The longer it took for everything else to work, the better he got...

In between takes, playing at the on-set piano, he complimented the writing and its faithfulness to his comedic style. When we were all done he encouraged me to seriously pursue my goal of someday working in Hollywood. He even asked me to get in touch when I came to the Coast.

The spots we did that day were a big hit, and one, based on his classic "letters to
the editor" skit, went on to win a regional Emmy Award.

Years later, when we met again I finally got to thank him, and he was gracious and complimented me on a film I'd written that was nominated that year. For all of his accomplishments, maybe his finest was that wonderful gift he had of making the person he was talking to feel so very special.

Some of my best memories of growing up in a three channel black and white TV
world were watching Steve Allen's work in the 50's and 60's. His material
was always fresh, frantic, and among the most "golden" hours of that Golden

Steve Allen didn't invent TV, but along with Ed Murrow, Dave Garroway, Alistair Cooke, Ernie Kovaks, and a handful of others, he proved that brilliant ideas and original concepts could and would draw people to the new medium.

The term "Renaissance Man" is much overused today, but Steve Allen was such a person; a man of rare humor and quality, in this, or any age.

Brian Rehak
Hollywood, CA
I've lost an idol
I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Allen's passing, yet I am oddly relieved to hear that it was painless and peaceful. My prayers are with his family.

I've been an admirer of Mr. Allen since the old Tonight Show. I was a teen during those years, and after my dad died, they put the TV set from his apartment (he wasn't living with us then) in my bedroom. I used to fight to stay awake long enough to see at least part of the show. I loved his comedy, and I had a terrible crush on him and on his singers Steve Lawrence and Andy Williams. I think I liked his show so much because I was a geeky smartass girl, with a sense of humor not understood by the other kids and not much appreciated in a girl anyway, and his show was one of the few I knew of
where it was OK to be smart. It was not only OK, it was GOOD to be smart. To a lonely girl, it was heaven for an hour to be with a fast, funny, intelligent mind, a kindred spirit, I thought. It meant a very great deal to me at the time, and so ever afterward I have followed his career and writings with great interest and affection. I never met him, yet he did more for me than I could possibly have told him.

God rest his soul.

Janice Jacobson
Deeply saddened
It seems impossible to think of Steve Allen as no longer a part of our world, for he
has always seemed to me indelibly etched upon life and the current scene. There are
not too many people in the world who radiate such a aura of vitality. I
have followed his career since his first days on television, and miss the fun he
brought to all of us, and his trenchant comments and observations. He understood the art of comedy as no one else. His musical talents, too, were much appreciated. I admired his ability when he would ask the audience to input some random notes for him to construct an immediate song. He introduced us to the talent of many other actors and comedians, especially Don Knotts, Tom Poston, and Louis Nye. Everyone enjoyed Steve's antics in Hollywood outside the studio, having fun with the Ranch Market, bringing us colorful characters such as Gypsy Boots and his wife. I know everyone got a kick out of Steve's hilarious laugh, not to mention Jayne's; together, they produced a wild, bird-like cackle that was really infectious. We should all be infected with such uninhibited, happy laughter!

I only wish all of his shows were available today for anyone who is too young to remember them. They were timeless. I loved his round table discussions with famous people of the past. Perhaps he is now in a place where he can actually contact those people and find what they think. I hope so. My sympathy to Jayne, a beautiful and intelligent woman; Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows were a great couple. I know she
will miss him, although they were together so long and seemed so close, that a part of him must always remain with her. We will always miss Steve Allen; he was one of a kind.

Sincerely, sadly,
Victor E. Murray
Pasadena, California
A genius and a friend to all of us is gone. There will be no one like him
Graham McPhee
Vancouver B.C.
Thanks, Steve
No one could talk to the hip and the square like Steve Allen. No one could cut equally through reticence or pomposity with humor and kindness like Steve Allen. No one taught me better how to be thoughtful, intellectual, hip and silly like Steve Allen. No one has been a better example to me of how to be a multi-talented person always open to new possibilities like Steve Allen. And no one could hypnotize a chicken on Vine Street like Steve Allen. Thanks for all you have shown me.

Jack Arnold
Condolences to Mr. Allen's Family
We offer our condolences to the family of Mr. Steve Allen.  We need more people like him to speak out on the T.V. decline in values to our families.
Florence & Wayne Cunningham
A grain of sand on God's Sahara
"If you were to choose your own parents," someone once asked me, "who would
you choose to be your mother and father.?" I can't remember who I picked to be "Mom," but the only choice for "Dad" was Steve Allen. True genius comes along only once every century or so. This was the man for whom the term "genius" was invented. Regrettably, I never met Steve Allen. Still, I will miss him.

Thanks Steve for giving us the start of something big!!!!

Kevin Whitmore
To the Family of Mr. Steve Allen
I am an avid fan of Mr. Allen and have collected most of his books. He was my "favorite" author and his books always made me laugh! I was deeply saddened by his death and would like to tell Mrs. Allen and his family how much we all will miss this wonderful human being. My prayers, along with the prayers of many others, will be with Mr. Allen's family. God bless you all.
Diane DiCarlo
My condolences to the Family
I just wanted to add my condolences to the family and to say that I have loved Steve Allen since I was a 16 years old and watched him every Friday night. I will never forget his enthusiasm and his talent. I can't begin to tell you how much I loved him and his show. I am now 54 years old and the news of his passing saddened my greatly. The entertainment industry has lost one of the greats in his field but more importantly the world has lost a fantastic human being. May he rest in peace.
John Russo
I'm a little young (39) to remember Mr. Allen's "glory years" on television, but I grew up watching him as a guest on many, many talk shows. I always admired his incredibly quick wit, his wonderful musical talent and, most recently, his courage in speaking out about the "vulgarians" who have taken over our world.
Thank you for everything, Steve.

Bob O'Connor, New York City
Thank you Steve
My wife and I are in our sixties and grew up with Steve Allen on the early television. There has never been, nor ever will be a more class act. His was the example of how the media should be run. The world will miss him, but we shall never forget what he has contributed to the television world and to our own personal world. A bright shining star has died out, but his light will shine on forever.

Thank you for all that you have given the world of entertainment. Being grandparents, we know the pleasure that was his on the last day. To spend his last hours with the ones that he loved and to quietly pass on is a fitting end to a peaceful man. God Bless you and your family.
Ken & Carol Druhot
Fans forever
Steve Allen was probably the most intelligent person in show business. He took a stab at every part of the performing arts. Sometimes he succeeded, other times he fell a little short but he kept trying. He was certainly an inspiration to many people, including me, to give it all you've got in life. I always enjoyed hearing him talk because he always had something to say in a very witty and engaging way.

I first became a big fan of Steve in the early 60's when I faithfully watched his syndicated daily show. I still think it was the best series of shows in the history of television. I must have said "schmock! schmock!" about 10,000 times in those days. (I have slowed down a little since then but I still say it regularly.) The man was so versatile, it was almost embarrassing for most other people. He hosted, he acted, he sang, he played piano, he wrote songs, he wrote a Broadway musical, he made records, he owned a record label, he
produced records, he produced television shows, he was a social activist for all the right causes. The world is now a lot dumber without him.

I will miss him very much. Thank goodness, he left us with such a wealth of
material to enjoy for years to come.

William Miller
Florissant, MO
I stood my ground to watch two shows as I was growing up: anything with Ernie Kovaks or Steve Allen. Their comedy was ground-breaking and special.

Jose Jimenez (Bill Dana) says it for me from his astronaut sketch: "I plan to cry a lot."

--Phillip Hannemann, Bloomfield, Nebraska
The Great Steve Allen
The Great tree has fallen. It's sound reverberates and shakes us to our feet and its presence will be notably missed. Steve Allen. It's hard to take in. He has been my hero for at least three decades and I'm 38. He represents the best of entertainment - innovation, melody, comedy, and reflection; all with integrity, purpose, and enrichment. Qualities one
doesn't see much any more. He's one of the "high water marks" of the industry that will forever set the standards by which I gage my endeavors and aspirations. I will miss him.
I guess heaven figured we'd had him here long enough here on earth and needed some entertainment upstairs. So, thanks for sharing him with us.
Good bye Steve, Thanks for the Memories.

-Patrick Mullane
Mr. Allen
I have never been 'star struck'. People are people. Steve Allen was special. He was intelligent and talented. His sense of humor was exceptional. My condolences to his family. They are very fortunate people because he was in their lives. What beautiful memories they must have.
Cathy Vera
Sadness on hearing of his death
Today was a very difficult day for me to live, knowing that Steve Allen will no longer write a song, make a clean joke, or just look at himself in a TV monitor with hair askew and hit smunched down on his head, laughing at his image and not being able to control himself.

I recall the time Steve ran, during a commercial break in Hollywood, across the street, up an elevator to the top of the Capitol Records building, to play music while the camera did a 360 degree panorama around him. People thought it was some sort of special effect hijinks, or the miracle of the new recording medium, videotape.

As a child of television, I am truly sorry for the loss of such a genius. My heartfelt sympathies goes to his entire family and close friends. Thanks for your wit, grace under the conditions of live television, and honesty, Steverino!

Gary Walters
Buffalo, New York
I will miss you.
Allen Family,
As a child 4 or 5 years old my best friend and I would stay up late to watch Steve Allen, I don't remember it as the Tonight Show I just remember Steve Allen. As kids we would do skits and charge the neighbor kids a nickel or penny to see us copy Steve Allen. Ever since if Steve Allen was on the news for a second, on a talk show
for 15 minutes and our paths crossed I would stop and enjoy.

Brilliant and Funny, will I ever see that again, and that laugh ...Oh my it would just break me up to see him laugh, I swear I didn't even have to hear the joke I would laugh.

I'm am so sorry he's gone, so happy I knew him through TV. My thoughts are with you,

Kurt Wyman
Goodbye to a Great Guy
Writing words about the master of words is nearly impossible. But since my first memory of Steve Allen in 1960 on the Tonight Show when I was 5 years old, I've felt a closeness to him that has always been unsettling. I felt an honesty with Mr. Allen and was an instant fan. I have watched anything and everything with Steve in it since then. Far to busy all my life to be a star struck fan, I did get the chance to see him in concert in the early 90s in
my home town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. What can you say? He WAS Steve Allen, it was like slipping into your favorite pair of shoes. No surprises, other than witnessing in person his remarkable talent and yet feeling he was just a regular guy, just like you.

Very early on I pointed out Steve Allen to my little girls and told them how much I loved, respected and enjoyed him all my life. I was so pleased when my youngest girl found a copy of Steve's first book Bop Fables, published the year I was born. She carries it around with her at times and always tells me its her favorite book. In my opinion that is the greatest
tribute that can be made to Steve Allen, to be appreciated and loved by each succeeding generation. Steve isn't dead, he's just finally taking a break.
Much love to the always lovely Jane. 
Joe Wasson
We have lost a national treasure. I was too young to witness most of Steve's earlier work but was introduced to his humor and wit by my father, who implored us to watch old clips, listen to his music, read his books and above all, learn to think discriminately. Comics of our generation (especially Dave Letterman, I think) appropriated many of Steve's ideas and many have credited him with influencing their careers. My link to Steve is indirectly personal; my father has hosted a weekly radio show in Sarasota and Fairfax, Virginia before that, devoted to music of the Big Bands and the American popular song. He had an ongoing correspondence with Steve for some time and had visited him in LA a few times; Steve came to Sarasota in recent years to perform and I cannot tell you what that meant to my father - who is on a mission to keep alive the spirit of music from that era. One last thing - "Dumbth" has become part and parcel of the vernacular in our extended family. I am a pediatrician and I routinely recommend the book to my adolescents. It makes them think and if Steve had a better legacy, I can't think of one.

To Steve, Godspeed. 
To his family, my condolences...
Dan Roth, M.D., Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
A Legend
I feel part of my childhood is gone. I was, and still a big fan of the great icon of television. I still remember, as a young boy, sitting around the TV with my family watching him and laughing our heads off at his crazy antics. He will dearly be missed.

Deepest sympathy to the family,

Richard Tabin
Island Park, New York
A new visitor for St. Peter
We'll all miss you, Steverino down here on earth, but are intrigued with the thought of the calls of "Smock! Smock!" being heard behind the pearly gates and Burns and Allen and Benny getting to see one of the "youngsters" join them and Mel Torme seeing his old chum. My sincerest sympathy to the family for your loss but our thanks for sharing him with us for all these years.

Dan Bernier
Waukesha, Wisconsin
My deepest condolences
I am very saddened by your loss. Steve Allen was a star. Not "a TV star" - but a beautiful, shining light in a sea of darkness, and, to anyone who thinks, who cares, who creates, the world is so much sadder, so much drearier than it was yesterday.

God bless you, and God bless the soul of Steve Allen.

Wayne Thomas Spies
A Brilliant light has gone out with your passing. You were the guide and friend to those of us who mourned the dumbing of civilization and demanded intelligence with our humor. I
know wherever you are, you're making them laugh.  Good bye old friend.

Michael Fairchild
Portland Oregon
Steve's passing
Back in the 60's I was fortunate enough to see Steve's show here in Dallas from back stage at the State Fair Music Hall. It was one of the highlights of my life, well, along with marriage and my kids. I'll really miss him. My thoughts go out to Jayne and all the kids. And don't worry Steve, you've left the world a better place! Schmock, Schmock.
Ron Redden
Dallas, Texas
Goodbye Steverino
Being a baby boomer and proud of it, I was saddened by the death of a 20th
century genius. Whenever I watch some "good" TV now (which is rarely), I
know that Steve had been the role model.

JR Zane, Pottsville, PA
A good man.
I know I am a fairly young person at 33, but as I child, I remember him being one of the 
funniest persons alive. Whether he was or not, he made me feel good. Just one more piece of my childhood gone.

Sad day
I grew up with Mr. Allen on TV. he was my babysitter at night. My mother
was a single parent in the 50's.My brother and I were alone most of the
time. His show kept me company late at night. I will miss him and his
wisdom. Smile he will like that!
Ed Boettner
San Marcos TX
The theater in the sky has a new bright light but our theater will be a
little darker. Mr. Allen will join his old friends around the great piano,
they'll laugh about the good old days, sing along to the thousands of songs
he wrote and have a few adult beverages. The master of ceremonies once more
will lead the way for all that waited to greet him, while we morn his
passing. Cheerfully we'll remember him, as he would have wanted but deep
down there will be a hollow feeling, one that won't be filled until we meet
God bless you Mr. Allen and thank you for all the memories. I have but two
regrets today; one, not meeting you in this life, though we will meet
someday on the other side and the other is your leaving us too early.
Bill McGuire
Thank you
Steve Allen was truly a renaissance talent. He did it all without bad
language or filthy themes, imagine that! Thank you Steve and Jayne.

Linda Cunningham
I just wanted to let you know that some of the happiest hours I ever spent in my life were lying on the carpet in front of the TV while Steve interviewed "Man on the Street" regulars Louis Nye, Don Knotts and Tom Poston. I was a little boy at the time, but old
enough to be taught how real wit works.  I used to sneak into the hall to peer into the
living room to watch him do the Tonight show, and as a teen I watched him on syndication right up to his last show.

Only two men ever lived who made me laugh as loud and as long and as hard. One was Jackie Gleason and the other was Steve Allen. 
Thanks for sharing him.

Brian Murphy
To The Allen Family:
Please accept our most sincere and respectful condolences on the passing of
Mr. Allen. His contributions to the world are unparalleled and will remain
the hearts of so many, for many generations to come.

To Steve:
You made us laugh and you made us cry. Now, the laugh we share is in our
memory, always, and the tear we shed, is in your passing. From all those who
love you in Australia, we share your loss, because the world is a sadder
place for it. A bright candle has gone out, but somewhere, that candle glows
more brightly than ever.

Most respectfully and obediently your, now and always,

James Sherlock and Jennifer Adeney
Melbourne, Australia.
To the Allen Family,

Even though I was not fortunate enough to know Mr. Allen, it was with a
feeling of deep sadness that I learned of his death. I have been an admirer
of his wit and erudition since first discovering him in the 1950s, as a
rather awestruck teenager. His outstanding achievements in so many fields
of endeavor marked him as a man of genius. I especially enjoyed reading
his autobiographies, and will always think of 'Meeting of the Minds' as one
of television's high-water marks. Over the years, my admiration for Mr.
Allen was only increased by his unwavering stands for justice and human
rights. In so many ways, his passing will leave a huge void in this world.

I hope it will be of some small help to his loved ones, to know that many
people who never met Mr. Allen esteemed him greatly, and to think that many,
many people are grieving with them, and for them.


Jane M. McCarthy
To the family of Steve Allen,
It so saddens me to hear of Mr. Allen's passing.  I grew up to the comedic
presence of such a talented man. Little did we know that the man was such a
multi-talented entertainer. The whole world will miss him dearly, I know I
shall.  To the Allen family, I wish to express my sorrow for your loss.  And to
Steve who I know is up there looking down at the rest of the world,  I want to
personally thank for making us all laugh at life. The world is not as funny
as it was a few days ago. We lost a STAR, but the Heavens gained one. We will
Your friend
Bob Mondro
Dear Family and Friends,
Please accept by empathy for your suffering and pain.
My wife and I met Steve once on a visit to LA. I am the European Facilitator
for SOS - "Save Our Selves" here in Brussels, Belgium. His support for our
cause to rebuild lives shattered by alcohol and addiction was an act of
courage which few non-addicted wish to do. It has helped to inspire us and
laugh along with him. Please let me say, that these rare qualities of
humanity, integrity and humor have not only enriched people's lives, but
helped to save them also.
Stephen Morgan
SOS Europe,
Dear Miss Meadows,
At the age of 28, most of my exposure to your husband's work has been
through reruns on Cable TV. However, my family of seven (the youngest is now
17) have shared many hours enjoying both of your works throughout the years.
I am sorry for your sudden loss. Steve Allen will be missed by all who
had the chance to experience his work. Yet, he will never be forgotten; I
hope that someday my own children (not yet born) will get the chance to
experience the priceless film footage of his works.

Becky Lasitter
(A kindergarten teacher in Savannah, GA)
Please pass on the sadness and loss we feel. I remember meeting Steve
Allen after the tapping of his talk show in the early seventies. He was
very kind and considerate even though he was ready to go home. Also the
show "Meeting of the Minds" is still one the best shows ever on
television. Thank you for sharing Steve and his talent with all of us. We
will miss him. Gary and Anita Moss
To Jayne Meadows Allen & the Allen family,
my deepest sympathy.

In 1999, Steve was a guest on a radio show that I co-hosted on KRLA in Los
Angeles called "Traffic Jam". He was featured as our "Celebrity Driver of
the Week" and, I must admit, I got a bit choked up as I introduced him
because I realized that I was not just welcoming a radio guest -- I was
introducing an entertainment legend.

I have admired Steve's work for as long as I can remember. In fact, in 1970
when I was 13 years old, I sent for tickets to "The Steve Allen Show" and my
father drove me to the KTLA studios to see the show. After the taping, I
waited outside the studio to get Steve's autograph, which I still have to
this day.

How fortunate I was to have had the opportunity to meet Steve. How fortunate
we all were to have been entertained in so many ways by such a talented man.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Reed Berry






The World Is A Sad Place Today
I would like to offer my families condolences on the passing of a giant. Mr.
Allen helped my sister, Julie Sheppard, get her career off the ground by
picking her in a cattle call for Seymour Glick Is Alive But Sick. He was
such a good friend and dear man to her. I was lucky enough to meet him after
the performance. My deepest sympathy to the entire family. Our prayers are
with you now and always.
Lynn Imperiale
No "class" left in entertainment.
It seems to me that there are very few real "class acts" left in this
world. Especially in the world of TV and entertainment . The passing of Mr.
Allen only enforces my feelings. I would like to offer the family my heart
felt condolences and tell you he will be missed by many including myself. As
a kid growing up I used to watch his shows and was lucky enough to have been
able to experience true comedic genius. In my opinion he really wrote the
book on most of what would follow and very few entertainers, if any have
even come close.

"Hi Ho Steverino". Thanks for the ride! It's been a blast!

Forever your fan. Jon P.
Great sadness
It is with deepest regret that I learned of the passing of this incredible
man. Before my own father passed away in New Orleans, he told me of the time
he had taken a disc jockey job where Steve Allen had just worked (I believe
it was Steve's Phoenix radio job just before he went to that disc jockey job
in LA). My dad always talked about how wonderful Steve Allen was in Phoenix
and that he knew this man was going to be an incredible star. Our whole
family always watched Steve Allen on the original Tonight Show and marveled
at his smooth, at ease style on camera. We will never forget his "Man on the
Street" skits and his outstanding wit. Our nation has truly lost a one-of-a-
kind American icon.

Jeffrey Feike (son of Charlie St. Johnn)
I am crushed by Mr. Allen's death, but celebrate his life.
I have had two heroes for a very long time - Steve Allen and
Warren Buffett - probably the two emotionally healthiest
well known persons in the world. I am just completing a
book on emotional health and included references to both.
What a wonderful person, what a valuable life. How lucky
were all who touched him. He will be missed. With much
care and love. Cindy Cooke
We will miss him...
I have been a fan for 30 years. I started with Steve when I was still in
high school. I am now 51 years old and saw Steve when he came to Santa
Barbara 3 years ago. I still get laffs when I do the "schmock, schmock"
number. Steve was a wonderful guy, and a great entertainer. I will miss him
very much, and I hope the family takes comfort in the fact that guys like me
have been with him for all these years. We will miss him very much. God
bless you all. Love, Kris Kallman, Santa Barbara.
In Tribute
I would like to pass along my sympathy and prayers to the family of Steve
Allen. A truly great man has passed from this world. I will remember him
as a man of not only amazing talent, but a good and decent man who possessed
tremendous courage in his profession in his stand for decency in
entertainment which put him at odds with the majority of the people in power
in Hollywood. I cannot recall anyone I have admired more in the field of
entertainment. May his example inspire others to keep his battle alive.

Mark Bryant
Steve Allen
Although Steve had a long and amazing career and--I'm sure--a wonderful home
life, I 'll always feel that he was called away too soon. Since I was a kid,
Steve was my all-time favorite and I had so very many laughs and fond
memories because of him. I'll miss Steve, his cackling laugh, his wit, his
wisdom and--above all--his humanity. My deepest heartfelt sympathies to the
family. A good chunk of me has gone with him. Godspeed, Steverino.

Jim Ed Morgans
Border Ruffian Press
Tijeras, New Mexico
Subject: What can one say?
I couldn't help but think of the line from Romeo and Juliet to characterize
the feelings I have on your husband's passing.

"When he shall die, take him and cut him out into stars, and he shall make
the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and
pay no worship to the garish sun."

Know that you and your loved ones are in the prayers of countless fans and
friends and that he will never, ever be forgotten.

He always made me smile.

Jeff Chandler
Franklin, Tennessee
Growing up in the 1950 s and 1960 s was no easy task for me and my older
brother but Steve Allen with that Schmock Schmock and infectious
laughter offered fun and relief in our stressful lives. 

He touched me with his piano playing and beautiful compositions. Steve
Allen has achieved immortality among the likes of Jack Benny, Johnny
Carson, Bob Hope and Milton Berle in his very own special way. 

There should be a Steve Allen channel to keep rerunning all his old TV
shows so I or anyone else in this country can relive those classic
moments of the Steve Allen show.
Respects and condolences
My heart goes out to Jayne and all the family on the loss of your beloved

Throughout my life he has been a constant presence, a source of bright and
inspiring entertainment, a teacher and mentor and guide to the best of the
human spirit. Some of his best lines (spoken and musical) are leitmotivs in
the collective mind of me and my family, and he has contributed to my
becoming an even happier person in ways he never knew.

I feel empty now at the news of his passing. I've loved Steve Allen, and I
will always be grateful to him. And grateful, too, to his family that loved
him and gave him the frame he needed to express himself so fully and
Louis Weiner
Our sympathy
On behalf of my family, I would like to express our sympathy to Miss
Meadows and their children on the passing of Mr. Allen. I celebrated my
fifty fourth birthday on Sunday, and as a little girl I remember how
funny he was. There was never anything about any of his performances
that my parents had to worry about us children seeing, and even if we
did not always understand the joke, my parents could explain it to us
without having to fear that it would cause us psycological damage when
they did, He was a multitalented man with charm, wit, humor and a
concern for his fellow human beings. He will be sorely missed by those
whose lives he touched.
Sincerely, The Scott Family 
Roger, Susan and Victoria 
Crossville, Tennessee
I was shocked to learn of Mr. Allen's passing yesterday afternoon. I remember being captivated by his "Meeting of the Minds" PBS television program, which like so much of his work was a brilliant achievement.

It has always been my opinion that Mr. Allen never received recognition from the public for the many achievements and contributions that he has made to our every day lives.

"This must be the start of something big" is a song that virtually everyone recognizes, and most people can sing, word for word.

Yet few among the public realize that Mr. Allen wrote this song. In many ways this is a metaphor for his fabulous career - he has been so successful in integrating into our everyday lives, that I fear we all have taken him somewhat for granted.

I hope that now the public will begin to learn of the vast contribution that this gentleman has made to the generations of people whose lives he has touched.

Everything was about quality (with the possible exception of his portrayal of Benny Goodman in that 1956 movie, which I could have done without). I hope he understands that comment, with that infectious laugh of his.

God bless his family in this time of grief, and be comforted to know that rather than mourn his death, the would is about to first celebrate his magnificent life.

Jeff West